Amazon Affiliate Marketing industry in 2019 || Online Earning

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Industry in 2019 ??-For You.

The Affiliate Marketing is a source of online earnings. And online earnings 40% is Affiliated Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a big source of online earnings and earning source of Indian many YouTubers, bloggers, and affiliate marketing expert. 1Billion dollars market in Indian E-COMMERCE Industry & it's 30% is affiliated marketing.

Opportunity in affiliated marketing in 2019??- YouTubers, Bloggers & more.

Amazon is big us e-commerce website/company . World 50% e-commerce market grab on Amazon, so Amazon is a very big company for India and worldwide
2018 is a very good for online earners & Affiliated Marketer, and 2019 are more good for Affiliated Marketer/Affiliated Marketing. Because India is a growing country and it's economi growing very first. 40,000 - 50,000 Rs Manthley Earn from Affiliated Marketing . Amazon is a 40% grab in Indian market. So we chances for best online earnings in Amazon affiliate marketing & products Shearing .

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