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Player Unknown Battel Ground "Pubg" The King Of All Game | PickPock.

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Pubg Short Introduction :

"Pubg" Player Unknown Battel Ground is a big American game company "tencent" game name Pubg (player unknown battal ground) . This game is a based on counter strike game, sniper swotting .
This game is a 2018 most downloading game in world wild. This game Play Store downloading is 100M+ & No1 Game in the world.

How Pubg Is Most Pouplar :

Pubg game launch in a 2015 but this game Pouplar in 2016 in India. Because 2016 Jio changed internet in Indian . Best 4G speed, and very powerful network connection in India. So 2017 to 2018 All are introduced this game "Pubg" . And Pubg most popular in 2018 in Indian.

Pubg game popular his Grafix, First Looding Speed, and powerful controling, pubg is a best powerful game in world.

How "PUBG" Is A Best Game of 2018 ,
Pubg, pubg game, player unknown battal ground, the game of king,

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