YouTube: The Big Platform Of Video Shearing & Big Source Of Online Earning in 2019

YouTube Is A Big Platform Of Shear Yor Talent & Best Online Earning Platform.

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. What Is a YouTube platform
YouTube is a big website for video sharing, & it is a world 2nd search engine. YouTube is free and learning platform from YouTube viewers .

1. How To See & Use YouTube
The YouTube is a very nice and simple platform for your entertainment and free learning platform/website.

.First download YouTube app in Playstore
.Open YouTube Application in your device
.Search any topic and enjoy YouTube

2. Sing Up In Your Gamil Account

Sing up your Gamil Account . First create your Google Gamil Account, and sing up this Gmail account.

. How To Shear Your Talent In YouTube
YouTube is big website for video sharing .
So publicly Shear your Great Talent .

1. Create Your YouTube Channel
First Sing up YouTube in your Gmail account . And then choose your channel name, channel description, channel icon, cover photo etc.

2. Uploaded Your Video In YouTube
Upload videos in YouTube . So tap the upload icon and choose your video. Write a short title and description . And use same tags & your video is publicly upload in YouTube .


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