How To Make Huge Money On YouTube In Just 3 Simple Steps

How To Make Money On YouTube & YouTube Money Platform For Video Creator's

How To Make Huge Money On YouTube In Just 3 Simple Steps , PickPock,

Do you want to know how to make money through youtube?

YouTube is a very big platform for video creator and entertainers . This time YouTube is a not for video seeing platform ! This time YouTube is a big platform to earn money huge .

All this makes YouTube one of the most powerful platforms to make good money by creating entertaining, informative and engaging videos. So without further ado, let us jump right on with it and understand how to start a YouTube Channels & Make Money and how to monetize youtube channel.

Step 1: Create your YouTube channel

Creating YouTube Channel is the first step to learn how to create a YouTube Channel and make money. Creating a YouTube channel is very easy you just have to follow the given steps to set up your YouTube channel.

Log in to your Gmail account, if you don’t have one create it and then come to
Then click on the drop-down menu present just on the left side of the YouTube logo
Go to the My Channels option from that menu
Another menu will open with the option ‘Set up your channel on YouTube’ with your name on it
Now, you just have to feed your personal information to create your channel

Step 2:  Find Your Niche or Topics

There are thousands of people out there who are sharing their hobbies or passion with the world through YouTube videos and in the process making some bucks too. Niche is a very important things to create a perfect youtube channel . Exm :- Funny, Game, Tech, Vlog, Music etc.
Do you have a passion or an interest that you would love to share with the world?
Below we have compiled some amazing ideas suggested by ‘How to Make Money on YouTube Guide’ that you should look at to help you out on deciding your niche.

Step 3: Apply for AdSense

When your 4000 hours watch time and 1000 Subscribe is complete then -
Apply For Google AdSense to monetize your YouTube channel and start earning .
If you always wanted to know How to create a YouTube Channel and Make Money then this step is of great importance for you.
Having a strategy ready for your YouTube channel in terms of its promotion will serve you well. Formula that ‘How to Make Money on YouTube Guides’ suggest is to make unique quality videos that have the potential to go viral. But for making your videos viral, you need to have a content that is worth sharing.

Now Your YouTube Channel Is Complete To Make Money. & Earn For You .

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