In This Year Best 6 Online Free Jobs - No Money Investment Earn Money

6 Best Online Jobs In This Year 2020 Earn Money

In this modern era most of the people are fascinated by the concept of generating an income online, in the comfort of their homes. Not everyone enjoys neck wrecking long hour jobs so earning online can be tempting thing for them where they can be their own boss and can set own working hours.  We have created a list of 6 best and most popular free ways to make money in 2018 through internet without spending a dime.

Best Online Jobs, PickPock

1.Micro nice job : 

micro-job simple means tiny tasks that let you make money by completing particular tasks. The small jobs offered generally take very less time and effort. For example you can get a task of completing a signup, sharing a page/website, writing small reviews or giving rating to particular service or product and many more tasks that need minimal efforts as well as technical knowledge. MicroWorkers, Amazon Mechanical turk (mTurk) and Clickworker are most popular and legit sites providing Online Micro Jobs.

2. Freelance Job :

It is one of the hottest job trends in 21st Unlike a specific job, in freelancing you are not bound to work for specific company/client. You can work with as many companies and clients on a temporary as well as regular basis and can freely set your working hours.
There is a huge earning potential in freelancing in comparison to a traditional job. The best thing is that you work right from your home without wasting travelling time. If you possess any skills you can easily get job through major freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer and people per hour etc. All these sites are absolutely free to join.

3.Bloroggin : 

Past few years blogging has gained a lot of popularity since it is a genuine way to make an attractive full time income. Many successful bloggers are already making a seven figure income. First of all you need to decide on a niche for the blog and then get started on any free blogging platforms like or

Though, you need to be a little creative at writing interesting content for blog that can grab visitors’ attention. Once the blog has some followers, you can earn money from blog with Google AdSense, which simply means Google will place ads on your blog and you get paid when your visitors click those ads. and are most popular platforms to run free blogs.

4.Earn with YouTube Channel : 

A video creation on YouTube is another way to easily make money right from your home. Youtubehas extreme earning potential and already millions of people are making a living through homemade YouTube videos. Once you start getting views on your videos, you can join YouTube partner program and if approved you will be paid for each view. Also, you can join Google’s Adsence program too and on approval Google will place ads with your video so one can effortlessly earn more money for each ad view and click from the viewers.

5.Online Writing Work : 

Along with rapidly increasing trend of online businesses, blogs and online magazines etc. there is a high demand of the online freelance writers. If you have got creative writing skills and can write without any grammatical errors then it is the best option to make decent income through internet. You will be paid according to the content length and on gaining more expertise you will be paid quite high rates. Upwork, WriterBay, Fiverr and iWriter are some popular websites to start earning without making any investment.

6.Affiliate Marketing : 

Affiliate Marketing is one of the hottest trends among bloggers. Affiliate Marketing simply means becoming partner with online advertisers or online shopping sites to promote their products. You will get commission on every sale through your affiliate link. The commission may depend on the type of the products.
Apart from promoting their products through blogs, there are many other ways too such as social media marketing. You can join several affiliate networks to make more money. But having a blog can lead to more potential customers. You can simply review a product and then leave your affiliate link so that people can shop the product from that link. Amazon, eBay and Clickbank are the leading websites running affiliate marketing programs.

So, all these are the hottest online earning options in 2018  that you should look at if you are willing to make full time income without leaving your home.

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