Housefull 4 Shaitan Ka Saala Song Review | Housefull 4 | Akshay Kumar

hello guys welcome to PickPock I spend staying here from our happy feet maybe to an improviser here today yeah we will take a look at a trailer Cornell's no no it's not a trailer I'm so sorry it is a song Shaitan Ka saala . 

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got a little bit excited there and went a bit excuse in my language and then we hear what you guys think coming up I don't feel like dislike just like just like you guys are just annoying I would tell like them to all to go just like okay it's like this video we didn't do we were just comment down below be like oh I'm about to spotted you don't stop talking and we've all just started okay okay let's jump right into it shall we well I will let us start with the lead okay but I think I think this was their weirdest song it was fun it was fun .

It was excellent I loved it and I loved everyone's facial expressions actually there's all the moves were like really massive but at the same time they were all kind of like crazy expressions exactly this song yeah this good but it was weird he was brilliant and I liked the fact when they dance think was about character obviously this is from a film right I know so I was going to say like it maybe if we'd watch the film then obviously we understand we're just commenting on this but we don't want to hear that translation isn't anything that's it that's something else in Bangla sham you'll be like oh crap that we say I can't say this here no to read yeah yeah if you say bala bala bala and then you like okay yeah time to end it let me hear what you guys think coming up with oh don't forget to share and norm of cage buzzer and always there to who would live or do a premiere until next time .

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