How to Change Custom Favicon in Your Blogger Website

How To Add Or Change Blogger Custom Favicon, PickPock
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Blogger Custom Favicon Change In Your Website


1. What Is Favicon
2. Favicon Important
3. How To Add Favicon
4. How To Change Favicon

Whan you create a blog or website in a blogger platform so you also need to know how to add or change a Favicon in your blogger platform created website.

In this website PickPock is a blog or website to check the Favicon in the left corner. In this post we are learn about how to change custom favicon in mobile.

1. What Is Favicon?

This is a very common question for every blogger. Favicon is a unique icon to your website or blog & visible and web viewer see and know about your website/blog.

This is a thing for every site to looking professional. In the mobile browser users are not see directly but dakstop user are see the favicon when browsing.

2. Importance In Favicon

It's a very important this to every site to looking professionally. Every respected site you know everyone attached favicon.

It's is icon to know people and search engine also. So a website there have a favicon and others site there have not, who is looking professional number one.

3. How To Add Favicon

You are a blogger and you don't know how to add favicon in blogger so follow those steps under the below and know.

It's is a very common things to add your blog or website because you are working in a professionally so you don't want to be a beginner and don't looking your site in no professional site. So you must know how add.

To add icon in to your blog, you have to come on your blogger dashboard. After coming in Blogger's layout option, you will get the hole structure of your entire blogger site where you will also be able to see the option favicon in the top option. From where you can click on the option of edit, and change your site icon.

4. How To Change Favicon

Change Custom Favicon, PickPock

In the twenty twenty blogger enter design abd dashboard is changing so how to change your favicon in the new blogger interface and easy to change.

So you go your blogger dashboard and click the settings options and you find the favicon options click and upload your new custom favicon and change.

Note: Your Favicon Size Must Be 20kb

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