60+ Micro Nice Blogging Idea's For New Blogger's & Best Blog Topic

 50+ micro nice blog ideas, micro nice blogging topic

60+ Valuable & important micro nice blogging idea's for beginners blogger

Blogging is the powerful concept in the internet. it's a very popular concept and last ten years it's bulid in a very powerful business for few people's called blogger.

In the last five years this field/industry compaction are too high that's why almost every topic and every popular nice covered by the pro and advance blogger. That's why micro nice blogging concept are invented. It's rank your site easyly in google & other search engines.

Actually blogging is a article writing and content writing system. And those people working in blogging industry they called blogger and content writer people.

Table Of Content

• What is micro nice blog

• How to create micro nice blog

• Micro nice blogging idea's

• How much earn from micro nice site

• Top 10 micro nice ideas

• How to rank micro nice site

• Article conclusion

In this article we are discussing about the nice and micro-nice blogging ideas and how to rank this type of blog site. In the last five to ten years the content writing and article writing is popular in the content creators but in the high compition it's very default for new Blogger's. So that's why we are create a informative article for new blogger's.

What is micro nice blog?

If you are aware of blogging and the internet industry or online earning then you must have already heard about micro niche blog. It is a subsection of a broader niche. In simple terms, micro niche blog is the sub-topic of a main category/niche or topic, with a specific appeal. We are find this type of keywords and produced content in the viewer's.

In the last post we are showing what is blogging and how much earn you also chack the post but in this post topic is nice and micro nice so this is a topic to you find and divided multiple topics and create new unique content in this topic.

Blogging, PickPock, what is Blogging

When you created your blog or site in micro nice topic it's higher chance to you easily rank in Google and other search engines top pages. And that of micro nice topics easily rank in Google top pages and good quality amount of traffic are come your site in just few days.

It's is very useful tricks to easily success in the blogging field and most of new blogger's are not knowing this trick, they are created a simple blog and published anything and almost 30 to 40 post published in their blog but no viewers come there site he demotivate and quite.

In this tricks you easily rank your site in google. Not big much traffic come your site but a good amount of traffic monthly came or you generate good amount of monthly earning for your sami topic blog.

How to create micro nice blog or website and best platforms

It's a common things for a blogger and the online earners or contant writers. But many of the people don't know how to create this type of blog without coding and create a beautiful website busines.

First choose domain

Domain name is one thing that your blog or your website gets a unique identity, if you want to start blog or a micro nice site, then you have to first buy perfect domain name similar to your topic to search Engine optimization is very beneficial for your nice related websites.

If you have sucked your domain name right once, then done work of your SEO search engine optimization 50% is done, but you will have to do something else when you buying a topic related domain name it's will help your rank your blog immediately Lot's of chance your site rank in the search engine to ten pages.

Choose your platform

Yes platform is the most important factor when you created a micro nice blog or website so choosing the best platform it's very very important. In the blogging industry mostly two platforms are very popular one is blogger and wordpress one is free and anather paid.

Micro nice Blogging topic, blogging ideas, blogger platform

Your Micro Nice Blogging Idea's

1. Smartphone camera - it's the most profitable micro nice blog idea now! exm:- camara tips, popular camera review, new smartphone camera review etc.
2. Smartphone photography tips - it's the best nice for photographers and photography lovers, exm:- how to click photo on smartphone, smartphone photography etc.
3. Domain name finder - you can create a blog for domain name finder. new blogger are came and find best domain name for their blog or website.
4. Smartphone battery comparison - it's the one of the most valuable micro nice topic for blog exm :- new smartphone batter compassion, new vs old smartphone battery comprising etc.
5. Toy blog - you can find newly parents kids toy collection and finding their best toy in their kids. it's a very good nice because high affiliate earning chance.
6. Baby care tips, Baby care products, best apps for baby care products, baby food, etc it's the one of the most popular and valuable topic for your blog, affiliate earning chance.
7. arts and crafts designing, recycling products making - you create some products and making recycling products, home made products etc.
8. Specific relegion related blog - Bakthi blog, relegion blog, etc.
9. Five star products Review, exm:- five star telephone, frge, air conditioner, smartphone etc.
10. Best DSLR lances, DSLR lances review, budget DSLR lances, DSLR lances price and more etc.
11. Tshirt printing tips, how to print t-shirt and sell in the market, Color tshirt, etc.
12. Best selling fan, budget selling fan, table fan, best budget table fans, etc.
13. Electric bill calculator - in the defarent of the state electric bill calculate and show the right unit bill for customer.
14. Pet related blog - pet dog, pet cat, best pet food, best foraging dog, etc.
15. Youtube video downloader tips or tool - how to download youtube video and more tips you post your blog.
16. Particular course promote - in the education system in india many course are present you choose your favourite course and teach anything in the course.
17. Nursing colleges - in the india nursing is a not very popular course but this time it's gain popularity in the students and student search nursing colleges.
18. Soundproof products - soundproof blankets, soundproof forms etc.
19. Made in india products Review's - it's also best value micro nice topic.
20. Undergarments reviews and related products review's - it's another topic very high affiliated earning chance when site rank in the google search engine.
21. Planting, talking about deferent trees and How to plant trees?
22. Best wireless charger, powerful waterless chargers, wireless charging tips.
23. New launches application, new apps review.
24. Bonsai tree planting tips.
25. Farming tips and farming products
26. Best farming tractor, powerful tractors for farming, Mahindra tractors.
27. Hindi language teaching
28. English teaching micro nice blog
29. Math subjects teaching blog
30. Car washing techniques and tips
31. Men unique fashion blog
32. Woman fashion blog for women
33. Design headphones it's a very high value micro nice Blogging topic.
34. Particular celebrity lifestyle covering blog.
35. Best pumping motors
36. GB WhatsApp letest version review blog.
37. Flipkart aur Amazon best Dell related blog. It is a very popular topic and this topic you found multiple nice topic.
38. Latest WhatsApp DP downloading websites. Million of users search whatsapp dp quarry.
39. Android tv review blog and website - this type blog is best when you create a micro-nice blog.
40. Youtube Channel Name Finder And Create.
41. Waiding card design create blog and generat design card.
42. Car washing machine, products, solutions, best lubricants etc.
43. Popular perfumes review blog
44. Gift cards genarate and review articles blog.
45. Instagram followers increase tips tricks blog.
46. Woman cosmetic brand review & best cosmetic tips tricks blog.
47. best companies water purifier review blog.
48. Youtube video downloader application review site.
49. Youtube Channel ideas blog.
50. Top and best online earning app review micro nice blog.
51. Internet Tips And Tricks Review blog.

How much earn A micro nice site

Micro nice site or blog is a new trends in the blogging industry it's a micro topic in not a big topic. this type of blog or site is grow easyly or rank firstly in the google top page's. Your blog almost top pages firstly rank in the google & search engine.

How much earn from micro nice blogging site

So how much earn a micro nice topic based blog it's answer is unlimited, because we know many micro nice blogger's they earn monthly $65,0000 per month by only one site it's very motivate and many bloggers are made only $80-$90 per month. But this type of bloggers earn more then their earnings 60% in affiliated marketing 40% others.

Best micro nice or nice ideas

In the upper post we are showing 90 plus micro nice blogging ideas and showing how to create more then 90 plus deferent topic blog and tips how to apply this ideas or create your best topic based blog. In the next paragraph we are discussed abot top ten important and profitable micro nice keywords ideas.

1.Bitcoin related blog - mostly people also search on bitcoin, bitcoin price etc.

Then you are created bitcoin price up and down small blog or you post bitcoin related queries, how to buy bitcoin etc.

60+ micro nice blogging idea's

This keywords is a high valume but low competition, so if create a good blog or post 1000 words up post then easyly rank your site within months. And yours efforts are dependent how much you earn. this type of site earn more then $1000 per month not only ads Sponcerd post, bitcoin related Sponcerd app many earning source in this type of website.

2.Particular company share price update - choose mostly valuable company share.

Share market is a big topic and nice so you not enter your blog this particular nice keywords, then you choose and most valuable company share price up and down how to buy this share, when buy, how much quantity and many of things you post your blog and earn money.

60+ micro nice blogging idea's

Generally this type nice blog or site visitor are low but you gain a decent amount of targeted traffic and you building your targeted audience. Earning opportunity is best so much of sponcerd you find, ads revenue, sell your own products your targeted audience and generated lead.

3.Start Blog In Farming Products - framing is a growing industry grab opportunity.

Our indian farmers are not same in the nineties age farmers they are 21st century farmers, they are educated farmers and they search all about the farming in the search engine so you are opportunities to gain this type of your targeted audience and earn money.

4.Mobile Photography Tips And Tricks - Photography Is A Best Topic Or Nice.

It's a big topic photography but you not create blog in this topic you create a specific blog in the mobile phone photography tips and tricks it's a very best micro nice topic for your blog.

Blogging ideas, mobile photography

When you are experiencing and Interest in this topic so you created android photography tips and tricks micro nice blog. This type of blog earning potential is good, if you have any experience so you try this topic and create your site.

5.DTH And Set Top Box Review Micro Nice Blog - Cable tv receiver etc.

Television is the most valuable things in the human life. Or it's the great invention on the human life. So tv is the most important mamber in our life. TRI new cable TV rules analog singles are totally close in the india and all are buying DTH or set top box.

So it's the opportunity to you create a best dth or set top box review blog and published anything in the set top boxes and price, which company is batter and more of the article you published.

6. Youtube Channel Name Finder - Now This Time YouTube Channel Is Boom.

This is the deferent types of blog you create a tools site, it's depending on you how to create tool. Anything you create channel name finder tool site or blog.

7. Instagram Followers Tips And Tricks.

Now instagram is a viral topic and many of Instagram users search how to grow instagram followers. So you create a micro nice blog in this topic and post anything about instagram growths.

8. Social Channels And Profile Growing Tips & Tricks - Perfect Nice Keywords.

Social media is the best growing in the internet and you create a micro nice blog and teach users how to grow there social media profile. Exm:- how to grow facebook page instagram twitter and more. People are interested this quarry.


All the ides and tips you read this article it's only work when you are interesteing in blogging. Or you passionate about the one of the blogging ideas. So you earn money in this industry and more longer your journey in this $40 billion dollars industry. Thank You so much good by.

Written By :- Arnab Das (Blogger)
Edit By :- Arnab Das & Team


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