Herohosty Vs GoDaddy Which Is Batter For Buying A Best Domain Name


Godaddy vs herohosty, Herohosty, GoDaddy

GoDaddy Domain Buying Platform Vs Herohosty Domain Buying Platform

In this post we are compression about the two online domain saling platform Herohosty and anather is GoDaddy. Compression about godaddy vs herohosty domain saling platform

Herohosty Vs GoDaddy Which Is Batter, Best Domain Name, Herohosty

This post we are descuse about this two domain name provider platform good or bad, price comparison, customer support and many more things, so read full article and hope to join our telegram channel .

Table Of Content

• What is GoDaddy
• GoDaddy platform
• GoDaddy popularity
• GoDaddy domain price
• GoDaddy customer support
• How to buy domain in GoDaddy
• What is herohosty
• Herohosty platform
• Herohosty popularity
• Herohosty domain price
• Herohosty customer support
• How to buy domain in herohosty
• Conclusion

What is GoDaddy

It's a maltinanonal domain name saling and web hosting provider company. GoDaddy is international company to do work at all internet solutions and web hosting.

Herohosty vs GoDaddy, best domain name provider,

GoDaddy is the largest domain saling platform in india almost 80 million domain name registerd in this platform. Per month lakh of website name are registered in the GoDaddy.

Founded in 1997 almost 23 years ago, and this time company name is "jomax technology" headquarters in Scottsdale, arizona. Operations hendle in worldwide.

GoDaddy platform

This is a very trusted platform and provide services for many years so GoDaddy is a good and vey reputed platform so much of internet users trust for buying their website name/domain in this platform.

It's established by 1997 a 23 years ago old company but day to day and year to year changing the godaddy platform is better than better for their users.

Some big or very reputed company (Flipkart) domain name flipkart.com is buying on GoDaddy platform. Most of the bloggers and website creater choose only this platform for their internet name.


It's popularity are very highly because it's a one of the company they work in this industry in many years. So people are in believed this company.

This company has survived in the market for a long time and as a result almost everyone knows GoDaddy very well.

Godaddy vs herohosty, Herohosty, GoDaddy ads, ads GoDaddy in youtube

And the company's popularity is growing day by day due to their weird marketing strategy. Or GoDaddy brand ambassador is Mahendra Singh Dhoni cricketer india.

If you are very active on social media, you will see their advertisement is going on on YouTube for which the company's market share is constantly increasing.

Godaddy domain price

The price of domain name this company is low cost, stable price, more support & better features some other companies. If you buy a domain name so you easily connect the domain in blogger or wordpress platform.

Any festival season and many events they are provided much discount and price drop offer's then customer buying more of the product in this platform.

But some of the case other domains saler providing very low cost domain name but you didn't contact to any other platforms, so godaddy is better then.

Godaddy customer support

Every company good or bad that decided their customers support facilities. And this option godaddy is king, because there customer support is totally good and much better of the HeroHosty.

If you are facing in there platform any problems they are instead support you. Just you tap the customer support options and massage your problems, they are calling you and solved your problems.

How to buy domain in godaddy
It's very easy process, just you open the godaddy website & create your account (must verify your email address) and then search your domain name in the search box.

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Choose your best domain name & add to cart options or click the continue button. Filling your own details (name, email, mobile no, house address, pin code, state, city, etc.). Select how many years you book the domain name .Then submit your payment method (cradit card, debit card).

Finally click the billing options and pay total money of the domain name. And then click the my domain options you see your buying domain and then use everywhere.

What is herohosty

Herohosty is a newly opened affordable hosting saling company. This company mane business is hosting saling. But in this time they provide domain buying.

Herohosty, Herohosty logo, Herohosty logo hd

The company said they are build with the goal of becoming a one stop shop and saling web performance products. In the july month they completed their 1M customer.

Herohosty is a india based company and there headquarters in the new delhi. Currently it's is operated by 135 country's and saling web performance products.

Herohosty platform

Platform is decent not very good and the long in system is very lack. But you easy to sing up and create your account. They are a new company so do more improvement in the platform.

I personally use this platform and i prefer to visit this Herohosty and chack this platform. New platform so some lack and problem is there. I suggest if the team solved problem so buying domain otherwise don't buy.

Herohosty popularity

Herohosty is new company and it's based indian company and this no run marketing in the HeroHosty so that's why company are not very much of popularity.

Deferent to GoDaddy is much of the advertisement in the social media platform but Herohosty is a new platform so this time they are not apply any marketing strategy. In the future thay are run advertisement and gain popularity.

Herohosty domain price

The domain price in this company is smaller high in the comprision of GoDaddy, but not very high some specific domain name price are too high other then.

But i am not preferred to buy a domain name in the HeroHosty because you are not connected your domain name normally in your blogger or wordpress.

You doing some other processes then you connect so it's very heard but GoDaddy is simply you buy domain name and change DNS Records and then contacted. But Herohosty are not same.

Herohosty costumer support

Their customers support is very poor when you click the content options and massage us your problems, but no one replying you after many days.

If you calling Herohosty provided support numbers some time they are busy and not reachable, it's very disappointeing from the customer side view. If a customer urgent problem they how to connect company and support numbers.

But there provided whatsapp number is very responsive you massage any time they help you in the text massage or video tutorials link sharing, but you not attend any voice message support.

How to buy domain in herohosty

Domain name choosing is a very default task so you buy best domain and try to buy your content topic related domain.

Herohosty, Herohosty client area

Buy domain in herohosty to open the website in the google first link you click and create your account (gmail, manual, facebook) and search domain add to cart don't buy additional things and putting your address and payment method.

Then click the continue button and pay your total money in your domain name. When it's end a confirmation email was sand by Herohosty then your domain was booked.


Yes it's is right the godaddy vs herohosty compression GoDaddy is winner in their some additional features and easy to use platform, but it's not means Herohosty is a bad company it's good but new site anyone don't know in this company.

Herohosty provide top level xyz domain name in only ₹79/- so if you buy vist the link to buy a top level domain name.

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