What is blogging & it is a Best Options to Earn Money In 2021

What is blogging, blog, how much earn from blogging

Blogging Is The Most Popular Things In The Internet

Present time technology are really more improve in day by day. Internet is a real example in this word and informative. This time people are make money online in the talent bases and online earning more way are descovery in this time. Which is batter blogger vs wordpress decision in this post read the full post.

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Table Of Content:-

1. What is blogging
2. How much competition
3. Blogger vs WordPress
4. Earning Potential
5. Moral of the article

Internet is a very big ocean and the blogs or websites are fish to fill the ocean. This internet ocean many blog and website are there so it's a really compatible field.

What is blogging

Now this time blogging is a profession and blogger are workers to create a blog or website and create content to internet visiters. Actually blog is individual or professional website (world wide web).

It's a website there you post good quality article, paragraph, images, videos and more content to you provide your visitors and word wide internet users to visit your site and read, see your image, video, audio and more or collect information.

Blogging, how much earn from blogging, blog, blogspot blog

It's so much popular because you create website without coding skills it's a great things to you are a web content creator. Site are manely bulid in html, css coding and some times javascript coding there.

How much competition

It's is a very popular or now that time almost 60%-70% internet users know blogging filled and potential in this concept. Everyone create their site and start their own blogging business. It's is a very high competitive filled in this time.

In that five years ago this filled is not very much competitive and anyone don't knowing in this field but this time blog is a very popular and almost everyone create their own blog or individual site.

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But the some steps if you are following so that your blogging journey is longer.

1. Choose a micro nice topic

Almost all the topic are covered in all big and old blogger very low topic, keyboard are save but they are not useful topic basically you find some micro nice topic example :- technology is a topic and smartphone is nice or sd card is a micro nice topic. You find that type nice and found there micro nice keywords.

2. Buy foraging country based domain

It's is very important to choose a best domain name because domain are most important factor for SEO (search engine optimization) and keywords ranking.

When you buy a united states, or United Kingdom based domain example :- www.pickpock.co.uk
www.pickpock.co.us your first 50% seo is finished. And you are buying foraging country domain so your blog site CPC (cost per click) is very high, more than one click $1.00 - $2.00 comparison in india it's too high.

3. Create a light weight site

Yes your site speed is matter your search engine optimization & your website, blog performance. If a site load in 1 or 2 second it's a light weight site or Google promot this type of blog or website. So try to bulid site in light weight avoid extra function and long html coding.

4. Install google AMP

Make sure your blog install AMP (accelerated mobile pages) it's a google recognise coding function to lightning faster in site in the mobile device. It's only for mobile version not desktop version. It's men's if you search anything and results are showing very first it's a amp page's.

5. SEO Link Building/Backlink

Search engine optimization is a most important factors to rank your bolg or website. It's a process to knowing the search engine your are a best blog there link place in many others website.

Actually google are finding how many popular website promot your site link in there website it's call seo backlink. Present situation if you're growing your blog so you have must powerful backlink. It's a backbone of your website or blog site.

How to create backlink? If you solve this question answer then you are easyly rank your any blog or site within months. If you are interested in backlink creation so i ready a full proof details post in this blog you just visit this link.

Blogger vs WordPress

When a beginner think to create a blog then he or she first think what is the best platform for me free to setup blog in blogger or invest some money in hosting and going to the wordpress platform.

It's not matter to which platform you create your blog & site very matter your content yes contant is the king thats why visitors are not seeing what platform your site is created viewer's are watching your content and collect information just.

1.Blogger platform

It's a google owned platform and it is absolutely free of cost you create your blog customize in your choice but limited customize options are there in blogger. In this google platform you won't get it any seo options you won't get it any customize theme and plugins. So it's free but it's not wright option for Pro blogger.

Blogging, blogger, blog, free blogger, blog

But it's free of cost you create blog without coding knowledge and without technical knowledge. If you want to looking your site a professional site to add custom domain name and radey site.

Adsense Approval

Because it's a google platform so when you do all the Adsense Approval criteria (20+ post, all need pages, good length content, no 18+ content, no misguiding content) you easyly chance to adSense approved your site, it's mane factory.

2.WordPress platform

Most of the pro and some new content writers are moved there site or blog in the blogger to WordPress platform. Wordpress is the content management system or platform they are easily manage your content or your blog. It's is good for content writers. Most of the popular blog, website are using this.

WordPress Blog, wordpress, blog

Much of customize option, plugins, themes, and SEO plugins are their in this platform. And best things of this platform is you are the 100% owner of your site, but blogger platform it's not.

Earning potential in blogging

Many visitors are commenting on my site in how much blogger income in india so truly i said blogging is not monthly paid jobs it's a business at established in the internet. It's only decided in your head work and patience for the long time.

I see some bloggers made $10,000 per month and some bloggers made $0 per month. It's depending only site owner how much heard working, efforts, knowledge gain. If i check blogger earning calculator so actually figure at if your blog monthly traffic is 10k & 50% traffic in india or 50% traffic in  USA, Canada so the blog made $80-$95 approximately depending on many factors.

Moral of the article

If you enjoying to write articles and writing is your hobbies or you are know about internet how it's work and more so best time to start a blog and write articles. "Blogging is not a 9-5 job it's a open source business to start anyone"


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