A Rare Species Tia Fish Caught In The Bay Of Bangal

A rare species of fish has been caught in the Bay of Bengal Bay near Patuakhali. The fishermen said it was a 'tia fish'. On the morning of August 26, the fish was caught in the net of a fisherman named Monir Majhi. The next day, on the afternoon of August 26, the fish was brought to the Mahipur Fisheries in Kuakata. 

Local fishmongers and jailers flock to the Timon yard of the fishing port to see the rare species of tia fish. Later, the fish was presented to Didar Uddin Ahmed Masum, president of Kalapara Municipal City Businessmen's Cooperative Society.

A Rare Species Tia Fish Caught In The Bay Of Bangal

According to the fishermen, the name of the fish is Tia fish. Such fish are not seen in the sea. The face of this fish is round. Looks like a pheasant. It weighs only two kilograms and the fiber is very thick.

It is learned that last Wednesday (August 28) morning, the fish was caught in the middle net of the FB Mother's Doa trawler in Chhota Baishadia Union of Rangabali Upazila.

Jelle Monir Majhi said, "I cast a net to catch hilsa fish in the sea." I picked up the net and saw tia fish along with hilsa fish. The next day, on Thursday afternoon, when the team of Mahipur Fisheries Port in Kalapara sub-district went to the warehouse, the owner of the warehouse wanted to buy the fish. We always sell fish in this yard. That's why I didn't get any money from the owner of the warehouse for the fish. I gave him the fish as a gift.

Didar Uddin Ahmed Masum, owner of Timon Fish Market, said, “Monir gave me a rare species of fish as a gift. I took the fish to Kalapara's house to eat. Three friends had to cook and send the fish as they found out about it. The fish is very tasty to eat.

Kamrul Islam, deputy project director of the Sustainable Coastal and Marine Fisheries Project of the Barisal Divisional Fisheries Department, said the rare species is found more in the Indian Ocean. This species of fish is accustomed to eating algae from the rock cover in the sea. The calcium in algae is taken as food and its fiber is very strong and thick. These fish are usually 12 to 20 inches long. However, tia fish more than one meter long are also found. They have blue stripes on their bodies and a bright golden-yellow color in the middle of the tail.

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