What is Paytm Mini App Store and how does it work?

What is Paytm Mini App Store and how does it work?

The basic objective of Paytm Mini App Store is to advance the Atmanirbhar Bharat mission for which they want Indian citizens to pay their money only in those things so that our money is limited in India.

PayTm was recently removed from the Google Play Store. When the reason was found, it was found out that Google had done this to violate some Play Store Policies to PayTm. But PayTm was later added to the Play Store.

At the same time, something like this happened recently, PayTm has officially launched its much awaited PayTm Mini App Store. By doing this, this Mini App Store is challenging the already existing Google Play Store. Now our new Indian App Developers have also got an option where they will be able to put their innovative products and services directly in front of the Indian audience.

The best thing in this is that for this you will not have to do anything separately, rather you can use the direclty PayTm platform. Many people will definitely have some doubts about what is the PayTm Mini App Store and how to use it. In such a situation, you will get answers to all your questions through this article today. So let's start without delay.

What is Paytm Mini App Store and how does it work, Paytm mini App store, paytm

What is PayTm Mini App Store?

PayTm's Mini App Store is a web-based service (which is not actually an actual app store). You will find this Web Service within the Paytm app itself. In this, app developers can create their own web applications. In such a situation, it provides an app-like experience to the users, even without downloading any application. At the same time, the best thing is that it can be integrated with PayTm Platform.

What is the basic purpose of PayTm to launch Android Mini App Store?

The basic objective of launching Android Mini App Store by PayTm is that through this they will be able to challenge the monopoly of Google (Ekchhatrabad), which has been ruling from the beginning in the app ecosystem. At the same time, PayTm will also be able to prepare an Atmanirbhar Bharat App Ecosystem.

Mini-App Store Smart Features

Here we will know what are the new and smart features that we will get to see in the Mini App Store.

For Indian App Developers

1. With Paytm’s Mini App Store Platform, you will be able to integrate your mejuda mobile website or web app with very little effort.

2. Will be able to send push notifications easily through Paytm App, so that users will get to know all new products and services as well as order status.

3. They will be able to use Paytm's intelligent user profile engine with which they will be able to target hard users.

4. Now Partner can also do with Paytm so that they will be able to run attractive cashback offers for their users through their Promo engine.

For Indian Users

Paytm Homepage Search: Now you can search directly on your favorite brand name such as Costa Coffee or some more on Paytm.

Shareable Mini App: You can share your favorite Mini App directly with your friends and family through a messaging app.

What are the other features of Mini-App Store?

Since you do not need to download any type of application via Paytm Mini App Store, so with this unique feature, users will not only save mobile data but will also save phone memory with it.

Offers: Now direct access can be found to discover, browse, and play without downloading or installing apps separately.

What are Mini-Apps and their features

Mini apps are not actually full-fledged apps but they are web apps (PWA). These are basically websites that work like native apps and they can be set up using HTML and JavaScript. They help users to save their data and memory.

For example, two developers can easily complete the integration of Web App within just two weeks.

Is the Mini App Store available on the iOS platform?

No Paytm’s app store is currently available only in the Android platform, but soon you will be able to find it for the iOS platform as well.

Pricing of Mini App Store

Paytm provides the listing and distribution of these mini apps in the app itself, without any charges.

Payment Options: Indian app developers can provide payment options in their app if they want Paytm Wallet, Paytm Payments Bank, UPI, Net-Banking and Cards for their users.

At the same time, Paytm Android Mini App Store can charge you a 2% charge for other instruments such as credit cards. Below I have provided the pricing information of all Mini App Store.

How many apps are currently listed on the Paytm Mini App Store?

Currently, there are about 300 + app-based service listed in the Paytm Mini App Store, including Decathalon, Ola, Park +, Rapido, Netmeds, 1MG, Domino’s Pizza, FreshMenu, and NoBroker.

what did you learn today

I hope you have liked this article about my PayTm Mini App Store. It has always been my endeavor to provide the readers with complete information about the Mini-App Store in Hindi, so that they do not have to search in any other sites or internet in the context of that article.

This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write the following comments.

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