7+ Easy Ways to Recognize a Phishing Email - Tips to Avoid Email Scam

I hope that you have at some time been exposed to such emails and text messages and through which your account is offered a verification or some attractive offer, after which they ask you for your required details.

7+ Easy Ways to Recognize a Phishing Email - Tips to Avoid Email Scam
Phishing Emails

Actually those who do such work, who ask you for your personal details via call, emails and text messages, they are called scammers. Yes, these are the scammers who fraudulently use your personal information from you and use it for their own benefit.

Ways to Recognize Phishing Emails

Scammers use email or text messages to give you their personal information. They may try to steal your password, account number, or personal security number. If they receive that information, they can gain access to your email, bank or other accounts. Then you can understand very well how much time they will take to empty the amount lying in your bank.

Scammers launch thousands of phishing attacks like these every day - and they are often successful. Phishing is a kind of attack in which scammers mislead people by becoming fake owners of the company. And grab their necessary details from them.

Cyber Crime Rate in India as of 2018
Cyber Crime Rate in India

Recently the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center reported that people lost $ 57 million in phishing schemes in a year.

Phishing is an extremely easy method of attack that cybercrimes use to gain access to the organization's network. They take advantage of human nature by creating some incentives such as free goods, a business opportunity and a similar atmosphere and creating a sense of urgency.

With no exception, India has over 400 million internet users as of 2018 making it the second largest internet population in the world. India becomes the hub of digital societies with emerging technologies which opens to new vulnerabilities for cyber crimes like email scams and phishing attacks.

How to Avoid the Phishing Email Scam

In today's day, phishing awareness should be had by all because such mistakes are often made by common people. With increasing technology, the fraud rate is also increasing. Self-protection is the birthrights of all. And we should beware of such kind of crime. This article will help you get rid of these problems and help you stay alert from it.

Common and relevant phishing emails will get a lot in your inbox. To avoid the email scam, it is important to pay attention to the following points:

  • Do not trust spam

  • Do not send any funds to people who request them by email, especially never before checking in with the leadership

  • Always filter spam

  • Configure your email client properly

  • Install antivirus and firewall programs and keep them updated

  • Do not click on unknown links in email messages

  • Beware of email attachments. Contact any unwanted attachments with the alleged sender (by phone or other means) before opening it

  • Remember that phishing attacks can occur through any means (email, SMS, enterprise collaboration platforms, etc.)

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7+ Easy Ways to Recognize a Phishing Email - Tips to Avoid Email Scam
Phishing can be done by various means.

Wrapping up

If you keep the above point score in mind then you can avoid email scam, phishing attacks like fraud. You have to answer these malicious emails with all your attention. Remember that a little carelessness can make your entire bank balance zero. I believe that after reading this article, you can avoid all the scams related to email scams, as various kind of scams can be done with you. You have to not only avoid but also make others aware, so do share this article with your loved ones. In this article, I have told you the very best way to avoid email fraud, email scam and phishing mails which every person should read and follow.
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