Now Getting Your Stolen Mobile Phone is Easy with CEIR

 With the increasing population, mobile phone purchases are also increasing. In such a situation, theft of mobile has become common. With increasing technology, the relationship of people with mobile phones is also increasing. Today a lot of such works are being done through mobiles in a pinch. Today people can do the whole bank work through their mobiles. And because of this it has become easy to do fraud related to mobile. Mobile theft is a common practice and it is very likely that this incident will happen to us. What should we do in such a situation? Can we ever get our stolen phone back? Today we are going to talk about it.

CEIR to get back stolen mobile phone
CEIR portal for Stolen Mobile Phone

If the smartphone is stolen, there is no need to panic. The phone can be found back at home. For this, the user has to follow some simple tips which I'm gonna show you below. Also, the phone can be easily traced. The same phone's data can be recovered. Many of these people simply issue a second sim when the phone is stolen and then forget the old phone. Isn't it? But this habit of yours can hurt you a lot, because if you do something wrong with your stolen smartphone, you will be convicted for it. This can cause you a lot of difficulties. In such a situation, today we are telling you what should be done first if the phone is stolen, which will help in getting the phone back.

Government released website for stolen smartphones

The Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR), a website launched by the Department of Telecommunication of India, is specifically for detecting stolen mobiles. With the help of this website, the stolen smartphone can be blocked and unblocked, as well as the location of the phone can be detected. 

You need to just tell the followings in CEIR:

  • The model
  • SIM number
  • IMEI number

IMEI number of the mobile of every citizen of the country is mandatory. This makes it easier for CEIR to find a stolen mobile. Let us tell you that C-Dot has developed the technique of matching IMEI number issued by the company making it on the mobile model.

For Official CEIR website Click here

What to do first if the phone is stolen

If the phone is stolen, one has to first report (FIR) the loss of the smartphone to nearby Police station. You can also register it through online mode, which will generate the FIR number of the stolen smartphone. After registering an FIR, you will not be legally held responsible for wrongdoing by phone.

How can I get my phone back

Stealing mobile phone from back pocket
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There you will see three options Block / Lost Mobile, Check Request Status and Un-Block Found Mobile.

One must visit the CEIR website after the FIR report is filed.

If the stolen mobile is found back, click on Un-Block Found Mobile option.

For the same stolen mobile, click on Block / Lost Mobile.

After this a page will open. Where you have to enter your mobile number. Also, information has to be provided about the IMEI number and the brand of the smartphone. Apart from this, the device model and mobile bill will have to be uploaded.

After this, the place of losing the mobile phone, district, state and police station, and FIR number, date of losing the phone will have to be recorded.

After all this information, you will have to enter your personal information like address, mobile number. Then an OTP will come on your second number. After entering it, you have to click on the final submit option.

After this, your stolen mobile search will start. Additionally, they will be able to trace the stolen mobile.

Wrapping up

As soon they found the same, they will approach you and your mobile phone will be back to you. People often panic when they lost their phones or someone stole their phone. So, in this article I provided you the all basic details of CEIR Portal and how you can get back your old stolen phone. And most importantly, what to do immediately after your phone is stolen by someone. If you like this article then do share this article in your circle. If there is any query then do comment we will be happy to read your comments. 


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