1 father, 27 mothers, 150 siblings! Marilyn told the story of her polygamous family

 Winston Blackmore is one of Canada's best known polygamists. The 74-year-old has 28 wives. He has 150 sons and daughters. Marilyn Blackmore, a 19-year-old member of the family, recently shared her story with her extended family on social media. Netizens have noticed how someone's birthday is celebrated at their home, or the experience of going to school with so many siblings.

Marilyn lives with her extended family in Bountiful, British Columbia, Canada. In addition to him, his two brothers Murari and Warren have also shared their family on social media. Being with so many people is as much fun as it is uncomfortable. The issue has also come up in the social media posts of the three brothers.

According to Merlin, the eldest of 150 siblings is 44 years old. The youngest child is 1 year old. Everyone calls their pregnant mother ‘mam’. The rest of the honest mothers are called 'Mother'. Children of two different mothers. But they were born on the same day - there are such examples in their home. 

Marilyn said the siblings attend the same school. The owner of that school is his father Winston. Marilyn said her siblings in an unusually large family did not form friendships with anyone outside in that way.

With a father, 150 siblings, and a mother of 26, the family is no exception. Everyone lives in the same house. Their house is called Motel House. For so many people, it is difficult to buy things from the market. That is why vegetables are grown in their homes. See what Marilyn said about her family

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