How to verify google pay business account without video call


How To Verify Google Pay Business Account

Google Pay Marchent account is a business account for Indian small a medium businesses. We all know google pay application for pay online money.

Google pay business is a app or a system for business. If you are registered google pay business that you are receiving any wallet payment online from anybody. When you are registered google pay business account than a Qr code received you and all of your customers are scan that QR code and pay money online.

How to download google pay business
Google pay is a very popular application and more then 100milion+ download are count in google play store. But when if you are a business person so you definitely hear google pay business.

What is Google Pay Business?

Google pay business is a a application for small and medium businesses. They are doing your payment collection process for your customers are easy and online process.

How Register Google Pay Business?
It's is a easy process to online registration form google pay business account. Just upload some government regestion documents or bank account and ready your google pay marchent account.

Documents Needed For Google Pay Business Account Opening

1. Business Name :- business name is important for your google pay business account because your customers are find you and your business and pay online.

2. PAN Card :- pan card is a government regestior documents all the payment accepted related or marchent business account need pan card. It's a under of tax department.

3. GSTN (Optional) :- gst is important document but in the process of gpay business account verification it's not necessary for submitting.

4. Bank Account :- bank account is a necessary for gpay business account verification. Because when your customers are pay from your QR code so your amount are be credited in your regester bank account.

This all documents are needed for open your google pay business account. And this all documents images are also uploaded your business account then verify your account and your marchent are available to monthly 50000 limit.

If you are fully verify then your monthly limit is more than 1Crore and you are also available for all marchent offer and deals, event and more offers.

How To KYC Verify Your Google Pay Business Account

KYC is a important process for any gpay business account verification. If you don't want KYC verification so your transaction limit is 50,000 ruppes but if you want to increase your limit so you need KYC verification.

GPay business account KYC verification

Google Pay Business, Google Pay Marchant,

1. PAN Card
2. You must be your business
3. You must have address proof ( GST doc, utility bill, invoice or shop display board)

This three things are actually needed for your business verification or increase your transaction limit and more offers.

How to fill up Gpay Business KYC

First you open Gpay Business application and go the verify business tab click the button below and tick mark all the chack box or click the button "i agree. Start video call" then you connect a google pay marchent agent in google due video calling. They are checking your documents your business places, and shop papers then if agent are satisfied to your business they are approved your business for fully verify. And your Google pay business account are verify next 2-3 days.

How to GPay Business Account Verify Without video Call

If you are not interested for video calling verification so second opinion is agent directly contact and approach to verify your business. This process you don't need some things exm:- business place, business documents etc. But sum things are needed exm:- PAN Card, GPay Account QR Code.

1. PAN Card

2. GPay Account QR Code

3. Mobile Number

This three things are needed when you verify google pay business account without video call in the direct GPay Marchant agent contact Or google pay business agent.

Google Pay Marchant Agent Number

West Bengal GPay Marchant Agent

1. +91 82501 75056
2. +91 97833 29844
3. +91 6297 680 628
4. +91 75868 83346

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