Valentine Day 2021: Heart Touching BF, GF Quotes, Shayari and Images

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I saw it just for a glance,
What was the news that you will go in the air…
Happy Valentines Day

We told them that Valentine's day is coming,
What do they want and they hold our hand.

Love so silently that your marriage will make a noise… 😘 ♥

They ask us -
What happened to you 4
Now how to tell them?
Love has come from them only…
Happy Valentine Day Dears

People say that what we love is a piece of a moon;
But what do they know that I love, the moon is a piece of it

How much love is there for you in this heart, if you say it ……
You don't, this world will be my crazy

When these eyes become your eyes….
Whatever the day, it becomes a festival.
Happy Valentines Day

Those were the two moments between you and my smile…
Just where Ishq made a place ..? The The

I kept adding the pie of complaints 😡
They embraced and spoiled the whole account.

I wish he had some time in his leisure,
That someone remembers them as life!
Happy Valentine Day…

14th Feb Happy Valentine Day Shayari, Romantic Valentine Love Wishes for BF GF

1. Now I live only in the evening

Something like this, I have got my blessing with you,

That there is no complaint anymore from that God

My heart was filled with happiness just by finding you

Happy Valentines Day Image's

2. How beautiful is your life

It is in your heart that it is your appearance

Don't go away forgetting us ever

We just need you at every step.


3. Live with you

You are in love

Talking to you

You become a habit

If you don't get a moment, you feel restless

Play friendship

You have fallen in love with me.

Happy Valentines Day 2021 image

4. Whatever the question, the answer is you

Whatever the path, you are the destination

No matter how sad you are

No matter how armaan you are

No matter how angry you are, love is you

Whoever you are, you are the one

Because you are… !! Now you are the one,

You are my lover now…. !!!!!

Happy valentines day, Valentine Day image's, happy valentines day 2021

5. I think if you think something

If I say something, your name comes

How long should I hide my heart

I love you in every way

Wish you very Happy Valentine’s Day Darling

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