How to Compress Image, Photo, Without Loosing Quality

What is Image Resize

Image resize and compressed is a technique to reduce your photos, images, gif, MB(maga bite) size and fixed image size perfectly. Image, photo compressed is so important when if you are a blogger or content producer.

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But if you are not a blogger or content writer so you also need resize your photos, image's. Because sometimes your smartphone click photo are too big size ( 1MB, 5MB) then you not send your photos to others or upload photos on facebook in log time.

How Resize Image

Image resize is important in many cases. If you are resize or Compress your image, photos then you upload any social media that photo are uploaded first and after uploading photos are loaded first and super fine quality.

Who Use Image Resize


Blogger are a know image compress are how much importance for a website because if you are not compressed or resize your images/post thumbnail then your website speed are slow and slow speed website google not recommended.

10kb-20kb are best image size for blog post or 1280×720 pixel.

2.Social Media Users

A social media user are known how much problem to uploading a photos on social media. Because photo size are too long and photo are not optimize. If you are not compressed image so you facing problem photos uploading too late.

50kb-80kb image size is best for social media photo uploading.


YouTuber are known how much important a image resizer and image compresser because a youtuber made more videos for their subscriber so they are created video but if they are using much of images, photos so video size are too long so they are compress image and then use photos in the video.

4. Business Person

Image compresser are must needed a professional or business work person because they are send many image, photos, file, in the email so if the file size is too high then file sending too long and time consuming so business person and official worker must use image resize tool.

Top Five Image Compressed Without Losing Quality Tool/platform
Search engine google have many image resize tool available but in this article we are showing top five most important and simple function website tool.

Simple image resizer is a free online tool to resize your images, photos easy way and one click if your photos, image size is matter then you use this free tool without changing your image quality. And you are don't need any additional software.

Timyjpg is a simple image compress or resize tool. It's a free platform to create your photos, images resize and reduce photos size MB.

In there name compress jpg it's a jpg image's, photo Compress and resize tool. In this tool you are compress image by percent and pixels and it's ranked google in top position so this website is trusted.

Toolur is a deferent website but this website popular subdomain are it's a image resizer and compress photos without loosing quality and you can upload 25 images and 0-30MB per file or file directly save in your mobile stroge.

It's a best tool for resize image and compress photos to any format exm:- jpg to webp, jpg to bnp, jpg to png format. Simple tool just choose image, photos and  select format then Download image.

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