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Today In this post we are sharing a beautiful tricks and this trick you do free internet calling in your mobile phone and your number was disclose. So if you want unlimited free internet calling then read this article first to end.

Internet calling is a very popular tool to use verius person for verius reason. But you don't use this trick to your illegal activities. We are sharing this content for education and knowledge purpose.

What is Internet Calling

Internet calling is not simple phone call because you calling through the internet not a mobile tower signal. And that's why it's name internet calling. This type call your actual mobile balance are not use you use your internet data for calling.

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Normal phone calling a person call others person through mobile towers signal. But in the internet calling we use server and satalite connection. You use this service so you pay money but some time and some platform is free to use.

How to Free Internet Calling
In the google you find many website to claim they are give unlimited free internet call service but they are all fack site. Today I am showing real best tool for free internet calling.


It's a best tool or platform for internet calling and lookup anyone phone number. This platform have many countries number code and options.

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You are call the india, usa, and many more country. So follow this steps if you want to free internet calling in mobile.

1.Visit Site

Visit to the Reverse Phone Number Lookup.Com website and read the all help full this in this site. It's a very simple website clean interface and look.

2.Dial Number

ReversePhoneNumberLookup.Com - Call Option - Dial Mobile Number - Click Call Button - Access Microphone

Scroll reverse phone number website and down site you see two options one is lookup and call button.

Lookup:- lookup is a options too find mobile number owner name and mobile number location in one click.

Call :- click call option and chose your mobile country code then dial your mobile number and click call button or alow for access in your microphone.


So I hope you enjoy this post about free internet calling if you like this post then share post to your friends and family. Read our more post and gain knowledge and information.

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