The Tomorrow War Release Date In Hindi | Sci-Fi Action | Chris Pratt, Betty Gilpin

Director: Chris McKay
Music by: Lorne Balfe
Distributed by: Amazon Studios
Written by: Zach Dean

The Tomorrow War Release Date In Hindi Is Friday 2nd July in Amazon Prime Video Streaming Platform.

Kids never come by unless they need something. Dad I need your help. I'll get my coat. Thirty years in the future we are fighting a war. Our enemy is not human. And we are losing. We need you to fight. 

I will be back. And I love you Chickpea. Seven days from now when you're sent into that war you won't be fighting for your country. You'll be fighting for the world. You doing all right? Yeah, going to war. Stop talking. Listen. 

Sorry when I'm nervous. I talk. I'm like a 97 on the nervous scale. That should be fun. Welcome to the future. You and your unit are now in 2051. 

They're everywhere. We are food and they are hungry. Our enemy is smarter, faster, and stronger than you can possibly imagine. Do you want to see something really dangerous? I feel like literally that's all I've been doing since I got here but okay. 

Within the next few weeks, the human species will disappear from the face of the Earth. Nothing we do here matters. That's where you're wrong. I don't believe that one bit. Together we can stop this war from ever happening. 

This is my opportunity to give this world a second chance. Second chances are really hard to come by. Light 'em up! I'm not gonna hide. I'm gonna fight. 

It's not even loaded. Well yeah it's not loaded. It's a pressurized cabin. Why would I load it in the cabin? The bullet goes in the thing and everybody's sucked out.
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